Win Online Poker Freerolls

Obviously there is a lot that goes into winning a MTT online and this is not enough space for me to cover everything that would make you a success. However, there is one very large tip that I can give you that is overlooked by about 90%-95% of the players playing these freerolls: DON’T BLUFF!

Sounds simple right? Many people assume freerolls are just a big free for all, where nothing but luck is a factor. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. What these freerolls are full of, are novice players, and players who have watched too much TV where the pro backs down the amateur with nothing more than a 9-high. How to beat these players down? Don’t get into big pots unless you have the best hand!

For example, here is a simple mistake made about 10,000 times in every large freeroll. A player in mid position gets A-K. He raises to 4x the BB. Of course, since it is free, both blinds make the call and maybe one or 2 other players as well. The flop comes 9-6-2 rainbow. The player with A-K bets the pot, gets re-raised all-in by the BB and is put out of the tournament when the BB flips over 6-2 for 2 pair.

FOUL! DONK! YOU SUCK! Calls the player with A-K. Full Tilt is rigged for the DONKS!

No, it isn’t. What happened was, that player fell in love with A-K (powerful hand) and forgot about his surroundings. He was called because he was in a freeroll. Nobody cares about the chips, they didn’t cost anything, they are going to call with pretty much any hand. Taking that into online gambling Singapore, shut it down with your A-high after the flop. SOMEBODY HAS SOMETHING. Whether or not they should be in the hand is immaterial.

If you don’t hit anything, get out of the hand because you cannot push someone around if the chips don’t matter. Bluff?


In a free tournament I don’t even continuation bet much. You are waiting to hit your hand and then punish the novice players who call with anything. Any other strategy is likely to put you on the rail.